24.6. 2013 came into the world 8 beautiful babies. 5 boys and 3 sweet princesses to be alive and kicking. Reservation list is open if interested contact me at email: White.Enny @ seznam.cz

About litter:

This is the third litter in our kennel. Given that this is our last litter successful Happy, very long I hesitate over the stud dog. In her first litter gave us a balanced, healthy and successful exhibition and study of the individual. My requirements for the stud dog was very high for a long time I could not find any of that. Once during one autumn evening, I discovered Kalix. Kalix dog is built, dark golden color, strong head with good front and rear angulation. His pedigree is virtually unrelated in the Czech Republic. What impressed me most, however, is its friendly and playful nature. Kalix was importovám from Sweden and lives with his owner in Moriken in Switzerland. Happy girl is born in our kennel, I had considered my existing successful breeding. Since little of the exhibition was a star, and in 2009 became the third the most successful show bitch. She loves children, animals, and especially the visit. She is the daughter of one of the most successful sires Czech Watterloo Misantos. Happy is golden in color, with moderate bone and excellent movement. The quality appreciated by English judges. Happy as the first and only Golden retriever in the Czech Republic was awarded the German junior champion.

Cute Baby of White Enny (orange girl)

Cute Happy of White Enny (girl without colour)

Cute Princess of White Enny (yellow girl)

Cute Hug of White Enny (green boy)

Cute Monkey of White Enny (red boy)

Cute Face of White Enny (white boy)

Cute Sweetheart of White Enny (brown boy)

Cute Smile of White Enny (black boy)


Detailed pedigree can be found here.

Kapplandet’s Shan Nan Ershier

HD: A ED: 0/0

FI CH FIN W-10 Terra Antyda Sani New Princ of Heart

HD: A ED: 0/0

Daily Rays Midnight Prince   HD: A/B ED: 0/0
EST & LV & LTU & BALT JCH, BALT JW-04, LTU JW-05 Terra Antyda Sani Becky HD: A ED: 0/0
SU(u)CH Shan-Shang Kapplandet

HD: A ED: 0/0

Bik Bok av Vervik   HD: A ED: 0/0
Stella Polaris  HD: A ED: 0/0
CH.Absolute Happy of White Enny

HD: B/A ED: 0/0

Watterloo Misantos
HD: A ED:0/0
ICh, Fr.Ch, German, VDH, Lux. Ch, Lux. JCh Inassicas Coriander reserve at Crufts 2004 HD:A ED: 0/0
JCh CZ, Ch CZ Brenda of Dream Team HD: B/C ED: 0/0
Cleopatra Chlupaté štěstí


High Rival Golden Erinor HD: A ED: 0/0
Conny Hradecky poklad  HD:A ED: 0/0

Photos from pedigree:

Kalix puppie’s dad: Kapplandet’s Shan Nan Ershier

Happy puppie’s mum: JCH.CH. Absolute Happy of White Enny

Happy vlevo, vpravo její dcera Toffi

Kalix’s dad: FI CH FIN W-10 Terra Antyda Sani New Princ of Heart

Kalix’s mum: SU(u)CH Shan-Shang Kapplandet

Happy’s dad: ICH.Watterloo Misantos

Happy’s mum: Cleopatra Chlupaté štěstí


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    Wendy Ellis Says:

    I live in Slovakia (north of Bratislava. When will you next have puppies? I lost my 14 year old Daisy one month ago and want to replace her.
    Wendy Ellis

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Our Happy will puppies early of next year, I think (January, February). I’m so sorry for your lost :( … if you want more information, please write to me on email white.enny@seznam.cz

    Lucie and dogs

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